Soul reflection

Originals By Faith Grace
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My name is Faith Grace. I am an artist from Yorkshire. I love to paint & draw artwork that opens the mind and starts conversations. I paint on large canvases. The bigger the better. I have been known to paint on what ever is at hand whenever inspiration and visions flow

Art is to BE ENJOYED

My style is unique & practised over 30 years

Gistlidia opening story

The Parucha’s embark on an adventure that makes them learn many of life’s great lessons. You’ll read of their failures, achievements and strengths. As you read the story you’ll see how their faith has kept them going even in their darkest hours.

You’ll see how God teaches and delivers them time and time again. Their journey takes them all in different directions helping them to develop their gifts so they will rule as better people. 

You can 
collect the NFTs as you go along.

Its a story not for the fainthearted, but one you’ll surely enjoy.
I’ve also added Music to each individual story for you to enjoy.

NFT’s  I sell some of my art work on many digital platforms. You can find them all on Link Tree. I support and sell other artists work with in these platforms.