Shalom My friends

What Does James 2:26 Mean by ‘Faith without Works Is Dead’?

Here James affirms that deeds (or actions) are the byproduct of a living faith. Works do not justify us or make us righteous before God, nor are they the means to salvation. Rather, our deeds are the fruit that grows from one who is obedient to God’s commands and transformed by His grace.

What does your actions say about your faith?

So what does this mean in our lives? Well for me it means that we use our faith to do good in this world of darkness. Every good deed has a knock on effect. It can change someones day, life forever or maybe it can just plant a seed of kindness and faith. Jesus explain using parables so here is my attempted at a story to help you understand.

There was a man who worked hard every day. He wasn’t the kindest of men. He would rush to work not wanting to talk with anyone as he was really way too busy and thought he was too important. He would sneer at the homeless as he walked by mumbling under his breath “get a job!”

One day his car was in the garage as it needed some work. So he had to take the train to work. As he set to the train station. He was set about by two youths. They robbed him leaving him badly beaten with no money or phone… He really needed to get to work as he had a very important meeting. As he sat there upset with life, bewildered at what had happened. Just about to give up on life. When along came the homeless man he had sneered at day in and day out. This man was kind to him. He gave him his cup of tea that he’d just bought and enough money to buy his train ticket.

The man couldn’t believe this! He asked him why he was being kind to him. When all he had ever done was ignore and sneered at him. This is what the homeless man said to him. “I am a Christian, Jesus has given me all i need. What you see everyday is your own self importance. Yet you neglect to see the the importance of kindness and how that can change lives. Freely i have been given these things today and so freely i given them to you in the name of Jesus.” The didn’t know what to say to him. As he went on his way, he thanked the homeless man for the kindness. The words and actions that the homeless man showed, changed the other mans attitudes. From that day on he made it his mission to be kinder to people and to always take time to talk with the homeless when ever he saw them.

Have an Amazing day, show your faith in your actions and change your world. One deed at a time.