Journal of a young missionary in Romania

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The year was 2004 I had only been a Christian for 3 years when I had the privilege of going out on the mission field with a group of the most amazing people. I lived up in Northumberland in a little village called Wooler. My mother came to visit me and told me about this lady called Carol Burstow who had visited her church and was a missionary. She was about to embark on a mission to Romania and was looking to recruit. From the moment my mum told me something stirred up inside and there was no way I could miss this opportunity.

So I called Carol and set the ball rolling. She arranged to come see me. I spoke with my minister and arranged for Carol to talk with the church so that they could be rest assured I would be all right and that they were a trustworthy mission group. After meeting the church Carol came to my house and we chatted at length about what I needed to do. She discussed with me all the expenses and that if i really wanted to go I would have to pay a deposit to secure my place. So with out hesitation I paid my deposit and awaited all my paperwork for the mission.

During this period of time God had been speaking to me about my smoking habit. He told me if I really wanted to go on this mission I would need to stop this habit. The next day I made an appointment to see the doctor and started using nicotine patches. Within a one and a half months I’d stopped all together. It wasn’t easy as my husband continued to smoke, but I was determined I was going to Romania.

About two and a half weeks later I received all my paper work and study books. I had lots to do to get myself ready for mission work. So the work began. I needed to arrange fund raising events as I was short of the full amount that was needed, plus I would need spending money while over there and we needed fuel money to travel from Northumberland to Kent. So the prayers and study began. Time after time I witnessed the Lords help in this situation.

Eventually the day arrived when I was to travel to Kent with my husband to meet the mission team. It was an 8 hour journey. We’d been given the address of a couples house we were to stay with, they were called Sue and Andy and were part of the church with whom most of the missionaries were from.

I do hope you enjoy reading my Journal after almost 20 years. I’m sharing and documenting this story so that I can hopefully raise funds to help those out still on the mission field.

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