Day 1. Tuesday 20.07.2004

praying for each other
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My first day. Yes I’m meeting the mission team in the UK for the first time! I’ll be staying at Sue and Andy’s house for the next few nights while we do some training and get to know each other as a team.

We arrived in Erith Kent around 6 am. After driving around searching for their house and having some heated debates on whether it was too early to call them or not. We finally found the house (Hurray!!) Only to find they had been awake ages waiting for us to arrive. They seemed to be a very lovely couple and made us feel very welcome. After a few hours rest we had arranged to meet up with everyone at Crayford Christian fellowship. On entering the fellowship I couldn’t help notice the atmosphere was very relaxed. Instead of pews there was settees and comfy chairs. I’d never been a such a church. They had made us some lunch and welcoming us with open arms which was very nice.

After eating we all had a chance to introduce ourselves. The pastor of the church then spoke. His speech was very heart-felt and encouraging making us all feel more relaxed in each others company.

After this we had a lesson on prayer and prayer walking. There were a few things said that I agreed with but many of his words made me feel anxious.

We then prayed for our mission and for Călărași. Some of the team were praying in tongues and jumping around. This really freaked me out as I came from a very much reserved church. I could see the Lord was going to show me many new things on this journey. As I prayed I asked the Lord to show me where he was in all this noise and what I deemed at the time to be chaos. My husband had gone to sit in the car, it was all too much for him, he was worried about me going away with these people. Yet as i prayed the Lord gave me his peace and told me not to restrict his spirit but to keep an open mind and enjoy the experience. After this I felt better and relaxed more around the mission team.