Day 2. Wednesday 21/07/2004

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04:00 am and my husband Chris was leaving for home. This was a very upsetting moment for me. I had to decide. Do I go home with him or do I trust the Lord and go on mission? I prayed about it while he went to the toilet. I felt the Lord say to me “Do you trust me? If so stay and show me.”

When Chris came back in to the room he asked “Have you made up your mind?” I took a deep breath and said “Yes I’m staying and going to Romania.” He gave me a hug then said “I guess I’ll see you in two weeks then.” With that he left. When I heard the car pull away I burst into tears and prayed he would have a safe journey home.

I tried going back to sleep, but it was no good, I just tossed and turned until the alarm went off at 8am. I then laid there and gave my self a stern talking to before getting dressed and going down for breakfast.

I don’t know what i was worrying about. Today has been a wonderful day. We spent time in worship and prayer. We then learnt about healing and read scripture on the Holy Spirit. We then practised on each other using our Evangi cubes. After this we prayed for each other laying our hands on one another. We shared communion and spent quiet time with the Lord. It was all very spirit filled. I felt at peace, no more anxiety. We finished the day with coffee and cake. While waiting for my lift we picked blackberries out side.

Today I have felt the Lords reassuring presence all around me. He’s been telling me “Don’t worry I’m here with you. Learn, grow, enjoy but stay alert.” I must say I feel so much better and more settled this evening. I’m now looking forward to our mission together. I’m going to sleep now as it’s 22:30 and i’m up at 04.00 am to travel to the airport.