Day 3. Thursday 22/07/2004

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Early rise this morning 04:00. We had to be at Crayford fellowship for 05:00 ready to go to Airport. I’m feeling very nervous now. I’m praying in my head continuously, he keeps reassuring me every thing alright and i’m safe in his hands.

We managed to get through the airport alright, there were no delays.Onboard the plane my seat was a middle seat next to a lady called Margret who was a Christian. She was also going to do mission work in the northern mountains of Romania. So my plane journey was a pleasant one chatting to her.

The mission Van

We arrived in Romania 15 mins ahead of time – 14:30 Romanian time. Going through the airport we had a very awaking moment that the rules here were very different from England. We started filming our arrival and soon found our selves surround by airport police. Who had guns. (Yikes) After sorting out the confusion and apologising we were told to put away the camera’s and not to film in the airport again.

Pastor Brad, Ben and a lovely lady called Zoeka (members of Bethany church) were waiting for us at the arrivals part of the airport. Pastor Brad informed that we were going to have a short tour around Bucharest. He said there was a lady we needed to collect from the hospital where she had been having treatment for cancer. We’d been asked to take her to her sons house. They we were going to lay hands on her and pray for healing. Her sons house was 15 miles away from Calarasi.

As we drove through Bucharest we passed a very large building. We were informed it was the second largest building in the world. After a very brief history lesson about it we moved on. After around 4 hours travelling in a very hot van. We arrived at this ladies sons house. Her son took her to lay down on the bed. We then were introduced to all her family. Their house was down a long dirt track. We had to get out of the van and walk as we wouldn’t have made it down the lane.

Entering their home we all took our shoes off as a sign of respect, yet we were told not to take them off and just to make our selves feel at home. We then all entered the room the lady was laid in. I knelt down at the side of the bed and held her hand. As the room filled with people we all started to praying for her. There in that little room I felt the presence of God. We sang and prayed for around 30 mins until the lady fell asleep.The time was now 21:15 and we were all very tired, yet still had some way to travel to pastor Brads house where his wife was kindly cooking us all some food.

At Pastor Brads house.

00.00 we arrived at our lodging and to our surprise they were beautiful and very clean. Not at all what we were expecting. Romanian people are all so very friendly and kind they wouldn’t let us carry our bags, they carried them all for us which felt very strange for me. I felt that Gods blessing were with us. Our first day in Romania had been great, very long but full of his goodness. I’m off to sleep now catch up again tomorrow.

Our Lodgings