Day 5 Saturday 24/07/2004

07:00am up and dressed ready for the team meeting at 8:15am. This morning it seems as though the enemy is attacking Melody. She come to the meeting all upset and feeling anxious about where she’s going to fit into the group. So before we started our worship we all laid hands on her and prayed the Lord would give her clarity of mind and rebuke the enemy from attacking her and making her feel unworthy.

Melody feeling upset

We then went on to worship, this is the most important time of the day. God gives us all we need as we worship him to deal with the day ahead. So after the meeting this morning there was a raging storm outside. looked as though nothing much would be done today. Joyce and myself were asked to go out with Ben this morning to collect some art and craft supplies. As we were collecting the craft items. It struck me just how privileged we were to be able to buy all these things. People are very poor here and buying such things isn’t something everyone can afford. so me made sure to buy extra as we were going to leave everything for the church anyway.

On our way back with the art supplies a thunder storm started and the rain was torrential. So the road were extra dangerous, we prayed that the Lord would keep us safe and that we would arrive back at the Lodgings safely.

This afternoon were hopefully going to be handing out food and drinks to some of the homless families in and around Calarasi. If the rain stops any way. After lunch the sun came out the humidity was crazy as the water was evaporating in the heat. So we were off back into town to buy food supplies and drinking water and soft drinks for the children. so we could make up some parcels and hand them out. Before we arrived in Calarasi Brad and his church had met with the Mayor and he’d given them areas we were allowed to do this in.

Such poverty
So Grateful

Although Ben warned us before we stopped that we wouldn’t be getting out of the Van and the doors would remain locked at all times. He said we wouldn’t be stopping in one area for any longer than 5 mins at a time or we would attract the wrong kinda company and he wanted to keep us safe. So as we drove around we handed out bread, water and Juice for the children. ( You had to see the faces of the children, as they received the gifts and blessing from the Lord. ) We also handed out invites to come to the music festival in the park. The parents of the children were just happy that both them selves and their children had some food and drink.

Being thankful

We are so privileged that the Lord entrusted us to do this work. Seeing and experiencing the poverty here makes me truly thankful for every thing we have. (again just seeing the sheer poverty made both Joyce and myself cry) I’m not rich by any means but i have a home, clean water, food and a clean dry bed to sleep in, in many ways I am rich.

Thank you Lord for these lessons your teaching us and for being able to do this in your name.