Day 7 Monday. 26/07/2004

Well Good morning, I’m not feeling very good this morning I spent most of the night tossing and turning. I just couldn’t seem to get comfy. Never mind, I’m going to pray over it and give it to the Lord I trust him and i know he’ll help me.

Trying to mix in and build trust

Today is another day of training. It seems that we have been separated from the Romanian students for some reason, but today I’ve been put on camera duty so that means I can move around freely I’m going to take the opportunity to try and build some friendships and trust today. I have found that some of the Romanians don’t or find it difficult to be around us. (Lord today I pray that, strongholds will come down and trust will be built and that today your presence will be felt by us all and it will unite us all as a family. In Jesus name. Amen)

So having spoken to some of the students, i now know why there is much distrust. Many Missionaries have come and just taken over, treating them like they didn’t know what they were doing. Ordering them around and making them feel inadequate.

I explained that’s not what we want to do. We just want to work alongside them. Reaching the same goals, saving souls and doing God’s work.


This afternoon was better and we seemed to be mixing better with our Romanian brothers and sisters. God was defiantly in that hall with us.

On a personal level I was really struggling with going to the toilet, I had terrible tummy aches constantly. I struggled as the toilets weren’t clean and they weren’t like the toilets we have in England.


So again I prayed about the situation and asked the Lord to help me cope and use the toilets as I was in so much pain. Within 1 hour after my prayer, I plucked up the courage to go, I must have been in there for at least half an hour. but praise God I managed and felt better.

We ate our lunch today with our brothers and sisters After protesting yesterday about how we were being separated. It just wasn’t right and we needed this time with everyone to build our relationships. So eating alongside them we enjoyed good fellowship.

Joyce in the dinner hall

After eating lunch we went back to the Lodge and did some prayer and bible study. and I rested ready for our mission march tonight. We were to be handing out bible tracks and invites to the music festival in the park. I spent time in prayer this afternoon and reading my bible. I then rested on my bed as I felt very tired. The heat and humidity were really getting to me. It wasn’t long before the evening arrived, we freshened up and went to join all our brothers and sisters. Once again there was a sea of orange T-shirts God’s army of Ordinary people doing his work. it was the most wonderful feeling to be part of it all.

On our evening March

An army of ordinary people