cyanotype originals by faith Grace

Original cyanotype prints made by Faith Grace Each individual is NFC tagged and sent to you world-wide

The cyanotype process is an archaic one dating back to the 1800s supposedly invented by the chemist John Herschel and popularized by Anna Atkins, who focused on documenting many plants including species of algae. The method includes mixing chemicals together to create a light-sensitive solution which is then coated onto paper. Objects are then placed on top of the paper and exposed using UV light like the sun​

original artwork

All of my Cyanotype prints are handmade and are unique. Made with quality art paper stock, frames and mounts. ​


All prints are packed very well to avoid breakages and are sent word-wide fully tracked and insured for your peace of mind​


Cyanotype prints for everyone. Some of my prints come framed ready to hang or you can choose to frame your own​


Each artwork is tagged with a NFC RFID chip so when scanned it links to the blockchain to confirm authenticity​

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    For your security I will request a very small random amount of under 1 XTZ (refundable) from the holding wallet once I have your details to prove and confirm it’s going to the right place. This is for primary sales and does not apply to secondary sales.

    Should the owner trade the NFT again as a secondary sale they would be inclined to transfer the physical item as well, although the specific terms of that trade would be at the current holder and collectors discretion.